Drake Was Spotted At This Toronto Nightclub & He 'Seemed Like He Had A Great Time'

Drizzy's partying it up in the 6ix.

Drake posing for a photo. Right: Drake enjoying a drink.
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Drake posing for a photo. Right: Drake enjoying a drink.

As the famous Toronto rapper once said, "Club goin' up, on a Tuesday," but instead of a Tuesday, how about a Thursday night out.

On April 14, during Easter weekend, Love Child Social House hosted the famous Canadian DJ, Charlie B, when Drake walked in and surprised the crowd. And if you thought that was enough, he was accompanied by Toronto's hip-hop artist, TV GUCCI, and Carnage, the rapper.

What a wild night that must've been.

Some may think this was all planned out but think again because it was not. Sepy Pahlavan, the marketing and social media manager at Love Child Social House, told Narcity that "Drake came last minute."

Can you just imagine the crowd going wild in the club at the sight of all these celebs? Wow.

To add spice to the story, "He seemed like he had a great time with Charlie B," Pahlavan said, which must've made all those party animals super happy.

But, according to the club's social media manager, it wasn't Drake's first time at the venue. However, they weren't able to disclose more information due to the privacy of their guests.

So, if you've been in the city for a while and still waiting for your chance to catch Drake in the 6ix, Love Child Social House might be another place to add to the list.

But don't forget, you can always attend a Raptors game to see Drake sitting courtside supporting his favourite team, but getting that selfie for the books might be a little tricky.

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Mira Nabulsi
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