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The Toronto Raptors Are Back & Drake Is Already Causing Problems (VIDEO)

A player from the other team got in a heated talk with the rapper.

The Toronto Raptors Are Back & Drake Is Already Causing Problems (VIDEO)

The Toronto Raptors kicked off their emotional homecoming with a game against the Wizards on Wednesday night, welcoming back fans for the first time in over a year, and giving Drake the chance to be extra again.

Drizzy, who sat courtside at the game, managed to squeeze a technical foul out of Washington power forward Montrezl Harrell after the player appeared to be having a heated talk with Drake during the first half.

A video of the incident was later shared to Twitter, showing Harrell speaking with the referee while Drake can be seen laughing.

The outburst led to the Raptors getting a free shot, which, given the fact that they were down for most of the game, was probably much appreciated by the team.

According to NBC, Harrell later told reporters that his spat with Drake only got nasty because a nearby coach got involved.

However, it seems that all is well. The 27-year-old player later said, "Me and Drake was laughing. There was no problems there. We even talked after the game."

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