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VanVleet Supposedly Told A Fan In Tampa To 'Shut Up' And Mask Up During A Game

VanVleet is single-handedly ending heckling and bad mask usage.
The Toronto Raptors' VanVleet Supposedly Told A Fan To 'Shut Up' And Mask Up During A Game

It's been a rough start to the season for the Toronto Raptors, but it sounds like they're snapping back at some of their critics.

The Miami Heat's Duncan Robinson recently spoke on his podcast about how half-empty arenas mean you can hear everything that's said on the court, and he used a hilarious anecdote from Fred VanVleet to prove his point.

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Everybody was just like, 'That was awesome.'" Duncan Robinson

Chatting on his podcast "The Long Shot," Robinson said the Miami Heat were playing the Toronto Raptors in a pre-season game when Fred VanVleet started to get heckled.

He was getting yelled at by a fan in the Tampa Bay arena, where the Raptors are playing home games this year.

"I feel bad for the Raptors because those aren't actually their real fans... so when we went to play there, there were probably more Heat fans than there were Raptors fans," Robinson said. 

"There's a fan in the crowd who's complaining about a call, and at some point he calls out Fred," Robinson continued.

"And Fred just turns around and yells — and the entire place hears him — 'Shut up and put on your mask!'" Robinson laughed. "Everybody was just like, 'That was awesome.'"

Luckily for Fred and the rest of the Raps, they won't have to hear any more heckles for a while — as of Sunday, fans aren't allowed into Raptors home games for the time being.

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