Drake Marries 23 Women In His New Music Video & Tristan Thompson Is Also The Best Man (VIDEO)

Drizzy's mom also makes a guest appearance.

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Drake in his new music video for "Falling Back". Right: Tristan Thompson as his best man in the music video.

Drake in his new music video for "Falling Back". Right: Tristan Thompson as his best man in the music video.

This is not a drill: Drake not only dropped his seventh studio album Honestly, Nevermind, but he also put out a new music video (and it sounds off all the wedding bells).

Not only does Drake get married to 23 different women in the music video for "Falling Back", but Brampton's very own Tristan Thompson also makes a cameo appearance to play his best man.

Right at the start of the clip, you can see Drake all suited up and taking a deep breath before the camera pans out to him walking over to the (much taller) pro baller. At one point, Drizzy shared with Thompson how he's in love and ready to settle down.

"Happy for you," Thompson said, as he fixed up Drake's tie. "You only get married once." YOMO instead of YOLO now?

Drake's new music video for "Falling Back".Drake | YouTube

Soon after, Drake is standing up at the altar in front of a rabbi who asked him if he "commits himself to being a good husband according to all of our values and traditions."

Right as the rabbi asked Drake's wife-to-be (that's visible on camera) if she's ready to do the same, her "I do" echos as 22 other women say it all together.

One by one the women walk toward Drake to slip on their wedding bands with some of them even showing off their own secret handshakes (and at one point, Free YSL flashes across the screen too).

"I think he's really taking this one seriously," Drake's mom, Sandi Graham, said after reading all of the wives' names on the card.

The cameos also don't end with Aubrey's mom. Anyone who's watched The Hangover might also recognize that the wedding singer Drake has for the party is the very same guy from the movie who belted out 50 Cent's "Candy Shop". Except for this time he's singing his own rendition of "Best I Ever Had".

The 6ix God, of course, shouted out his hometown in the music video too, as Toronto's Union Station and the CN Tower pop up at the end as the "Just Married" car drives away into the night.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor