Doug Ford was asked at his press briefing on Friday, August 14 about bylaw enforcement officers giving tickets to people drinking in Ontario parks this summer.

It's fair to say he's not on board.

"I don't agree at this point about ticketing," Ford said. "[If] a whole bunch of yahoos, 1000 people, are getting out they're going wild, that's a whole different scenario."

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If you're responsible and you want to have a glass of wine or a beer, big deal. Who cares?

Doug Ford

He added: "But I can't agree with giving someone a ticket during COVID, and they're stuck in an apartment, they want to be responsible... and they have a cold beer [outside].

"Give us a break, just a little bit of a break! They've gotta be more flexible, everyone needs a little bit of breathing space. If you aren't rowdy..."

Some infectious disease experts have suggested that socializing in small groups outdoors can be safer than indoors during COVID-19.