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Durham Police Mixed Up A Victim & Told The Wrong Mother Her Son Had Died

The two individuals have the same first, middle and last name. 😳
Durham Police Mixed Up A Victim & Told The Wrong Mother Her Son Had Died

A mistake made by Durham Police (DRPS) led them to inform a mother that her son had died in a vehicle collision in Uxbridge taking place on March 12.

Suzie Macdonald of Sunderland explained to Narcity that DRPS knocked on her door at 7:00 am to inform her of her son's death.

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"For 5 long languishing hours, I thought my son was dead," wrote Macdonald in a Facebook post.

"I cannot even begin to explain the anguish and heartbreak I felt. My thoughts of how I was going to tell his father, his wife, his 2 sons, everyone who knew and loved him," Macdonald told Narcity.

After Macdonald's son was found safe and sound, she alerted Durham Police that they had "incorrectly identified the body."

Durham Police confirmed the incident to Narcity and explained that the victim had the identical first, middle, and last name of Suzie Macdonald's son, prompting the mistake.

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