Police Confront Indoor Diners At Adamson Barbecue Amid Loud Protests (VIDEO)

Patrons have been informed they may be charged and handed court summons.
Etobicoke's Adamson Barbecue Sees Police Force Customers Out Amid Loud Protests (VIDEO)

After defying lockdown restrictions and opening for indoor dining a second day in a row, Etobicoke's Adamson Barbecue is seeing a considerable police presence onsite, there to keep the restaurant in check.

Police arrived at the restaurant a few minutes before it opened at 11:00am on Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, Adamson Barbecue opened for indoor dining to protest lockdown orders and was promptly visited by Toronto Police and bylaw officers.

The restaurant was mandated to close Tuesday afternoon by Toronto's Chief Public Health Officer.

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Currently, according to The Line Canada's live stream of the event , Toronto police are continuing to monitor the situation, as customers have been notified that they are opening themselves up to the possibility of charges and court summons.

Customers are continuing to line up for food, but are being asked to leave after purchasing rather than sit down with their meals. However, some patrons are sitting on the outdoor picnic tables.

Owner Adam Skelly is encouraging customers to make their own decisions around staying or going, knowing that everyone has been informed of the consequences.

As of Monday, Ontario's lockdown order prevents a restaurant from opening for indoor or outdoor dining, only allowing for curbside pick-up or delivery.