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The anti-shutdown stance taken by Etobicoke's Adamson's BBQ didn't take long to get them in trouble with the City of Toronto. 

The barbecue opened up for in-person dining at 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning, after the restaurant's owner posted a video to social media on Monday night saying that the new Toronto lockdown "reeks of corruption" and asserting that case counts were being falsely inflated.*

But just over five hours later, the City of Toronto announced they had issued a notice to Adamson's ordering the restaurant to close.

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The City has now taken enforcement action, and the restaurant is closed. City of Toronto

Toronto Public Health officials and TPS officers arrived at Adamson Barbecue on Tuesday morning after the restaurant's owner publicly posted about defying COVID restrictions and opening up his restaurant to in-person diners.

"An investigation was immediately launched when the restaurant was found to be operating in contravention of the Reopening Ontario Act, providing both indoor and outdoor dine-in service, with many patrons not wearing masks and not practising physical distancing," reads the City of Toronto press release announcing the closure.

The City has now taken enforcement action and the restaurant is now closed, according to the release.

Adamson Barbecue is also being investigated in regards to zoning, public health, business licensing, and fire code regulations.

No charges have been laid at the time of publication.

*This article has been updated.

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