Eugene Levy's Emmy Speech Was Super Emotional & It Made Dan Levy Cry (VIDEO)

"I love you both and could not be prouder." 🥺🤧
Eugene Levy's Emmy Speech Made Dan Levy Cry When He Talked About 'Schitt's Creek'
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Grab your tissues! It was an emotional Emmys for the cast and crew of Schitt’s Creek on Sunday. While the show took home a historic number of comedy awards, it was Eugene Levy's Emmy speech that really touched Dan Levy.

It was a record-breaking night for the cast and crew of Ontario-based Schitt’s Creek, which took home a whopping nine Emmy awards over the weekend.

For Eugene Levy, who won Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series, it was his first Emmy award since 1983.

Thanking his wife and everybody involved in the show, the 73-year-old delivered a pretty emotional acceptance speech.

“As a dad, getting to work on camera for six years with both my kids, Daniel and Sarah … [is] such a joy,” he said.

“I love you both and could not be prouder," he added, as Dan Levy could be seen holding back tears.

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The award-winner continued, “And that brings me to my multi-Emmy-nominated partner, Daniel Levy, who took our show that we came up with and brilliantly guided it to this little Emmy party tonight, so thank you, son."

Dan, who appears to be pretty emotional from the moment his dad wins the award, can be seen in the background applauding throughout.

When the show won the Outstanding Comedy award, Eugene had Schitt’s Creek fans everywhere getting emotional all over again.

“I also want to thank once again this young man who took our fish-out-of-water story about the Rose family and transformed it into a celebration of inclusivity, a castigation of homophobia, and a declaration of the power of love,” he said.

Despite an emotional night all-around for the cast, Dan Levy’s acceptance speech turned into the most Canadian thing ever.

He started by apologizing for winning, and then apologizing again for making his speech “political.”

The Levy family, alongside some other Schitt’s Creek cast members, held a socially-distanced party in Toronto to celebrate the ceremony. 

Despite a pretty harsh Canadian roasting from Jimmy Kimmel, it looks like they had a spectacular evening!  

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