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A Father Saved His 10-Month-Old Baby From An Alleged Carjacker In Brampton (VIDEO)

The incident took place on Sunday.

Toronto Associate Editor
Intersection of Herkes Drive and Lockwood Road in Brampton.

Intersection of Herkes Drive and Lockwood Road in Brampton.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

A dad confronted an alleged carjacker who was trying to steal his car with his baby in the backseat on Sunday.

On April 10, just before 12:30 p.m., Peel Regional Police told Narcity that they received a call about an attempted carjacking at a home in the area of Herkes Drive and Lockwood Road in Brampton.

A video of the incident shared to r/mississauga on Reddit shows the 38-year-old father strapping his 10-month-old baby into the rear seat of a white SUV parked in his driveway.

As he goes back into the house briefly to get his other child, a black four-door sedan pulls up on the street and someone dressed in all black jogs over to the SUV. The unknown suspect sits in the driver's seat as the dad comes back to the vehicle with his other kid clinging to his shoulder.

"Hey! What the f*ck? Hey! Get out from there! Why are you f*cking stealing my car?" the father yells after swinging open the passenger door to confront the suspect.

The suspect then aggressively backs out, causing the dad to skid down the driveway with him, still clinging onto his young child.

The suspect stops the car before it has even left the driveway, hops out, books it back to the car he arrived in, which was still waiting out in the middle of the street, and fled the scene.

The video ends with the dad making a call to the police.

"No physical injuries were suffered to anyone involved," Peel Regional Police spokesperson Constable Sarah Patten told Narcity.

The suspect is still unidentified and on the loose, but police described him as a young Black male wearing dark clothes.

"Residents need to be mindful of leaving your vehicle running, unattended and unlocked. It can take seconds for someone to steal your vehicle," Patten said, and encouraged car owners to use a second set of keys to lock up if the car is left running.

The investigation is ongoing and is being carried out by the 22 Criminal investigation Bureau.

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