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A Giant 'Faux-Hurricane' Is Currently Taking Over The Hudson Bay

It's not as scary as it sounds!
Toronto Staff Writer
"Faux-Hurricane" on Hudson Bay Has Been Spotted

Ontario has been full of wacky weather this year. Now, a giant "faux-hurricane" on Hudson Bay has been spotted. 

According to the Weather Network, a low-pressure system sweeping over the area has created the illusion of an arctic hurricane on Thursday. 

The weather event, although spooky, is described by meteorologists as having more "bark than bite."

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To an untrained eye, it's appearance suggests the presence of an arctic hurricane – but quite the contrary, this is a classic case of mistaken identity.

The Weather Network 

"Thousands of kilometres north, a pronounced swirl danced across the waters of Hudson Bay," read a statement from The Weather Network. 

However, the faux-hurricane's eerie visuals are actually a good sign.

TWN reports that the case of mistaken identity is usually a sign that the low-pressure system is weakening. 

"This faux-hurricane will be tugged north by a dominant upper trough to the east, slowly weakening in the process," Tyler Hamilton, TWN meteorologist, states.

While this weather anomaly isn't like those polar vortexes we have seen in the past, TWN warns those are on their way. 

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