GoFundMe Raises Hundreds For A Toronto Man Who Was Assaulted In A Road Rage Attack

He was saved by a TTC driver.

Toronto Staff Writer
GoFundMe Started For Toronto Man Injured In Road Rage Attack

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

A Toronto man is lucky to be alive after being badly injured during a random assault last week.

A GoFundMe started for the victim, Jason Schweitzer, claims he was taking a walk in the city when a man jumped out of his car, and brutally attacked him with a baseball bat

The assault, which resulted in Schweitzer suffering fractures and tissue and muscle damage, was stopped by a TTC bus driver who was passing by as the incident took place.

"Jason [saw] the blue lights of a TTC bus coming towards him and during the ordeal he managed to move right in front of the bus, the bus stopped and the driver opened the door and saved Jason's life," the description of the fundraiser reads.

Stuart Green, a TTC spokesperson, took to Twitter to shout out the driver that helped save Schweitzer.

"Absolutely heroic work by a #TTC operator to assist the victim of a vicious attack last week. Operator will be commended/recognized for quick actions. Great example of how TTC employees go above and beyond to give back to the City! Get well soon, Jason!"

As of Thursday morning, around $500 had been raised for the victim.

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Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
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