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This $74K Ontario Home For Sale Gives Off Some Spooky Vibes

All this place needs is a little TLC.

There are some unusually cheap houses for sale in Ontario that are almost too surreal to exist.

This massive home in Terrace Bay, Ontario looks just like a spooky barn and is going for only $73,900. 

The two-storey property is a four-bedroom, four-bathroom abode with a spiral staircase and 2,292 square feet of space. 

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Wendy Krystia | RE/MAX

The house is a bit of a fixer-upper, and the ad says it is "in need of some TLC."

The spot also gives off some spooky vibes, with the outdated interior and foggy exterior shots. 

For the low price point, this may be perfect for a first-time homebuyer

The home is filled with floor-to-ceiling windows, a chandelier, and tons of open space.

Cheap Home In Need Of Love

Price: $73,900

Address: 15 Selkirk Ave., Terrace Bay, ON

Description: This massive and cheap home looks like a huge barn and has a spiral staircase.

Wendy Krystia | RE/MAX

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