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Toronto Salon Reveals Tricks To Giving Yourself The Perfect Haircut At Home

No, you shouldn't be using your normal old scissors. ✂️
How To Cut Your Own Hair: Toronto Salons Provide The Best Tips and Tricks

With hair salons closed amid ongoing lockdowns, we wouldn't blame you if you desperately Googled how to cut your own hair once or twice.

Thankfully, you now have the expertise of professionals to help you avoid the same fate as Justin Trudeau and his shaggy quarantine 'do.

Dat Tran, owner of Toronto hair salon Album Hair, tells Narcity that there a few useful tricks to giving yourself a decent cut at home.

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How To Cut Long Hair At Home

For long hair, Tran recommends the point cutting technique.

With this technique, you section out the hair, combing it straight down from the head.

Then, "the hair should be held approximately six centimeters from the ends in your fingers so that the [ends] sticks out vertically," says Tran.

Then, you can trim the ends with the scissors parallel to the section of hair. 

"Make sure you get your head and shoulders straight and [don't] tilt!" says Tran.

If you're more of a visual learner, you can watch a video of the technique here.

How To Cut Short Hair At Home

For short hair, Tran suggests user a razor or clipper rather than scissors.

"With razors, the haircut can be more forgiving than using scissors," he says.

"It would help to remove the weight on the side and back of the head," Tran advises. If you need to do that part with scissors before going in with the razor or clipper, that's fine too.

If you have a clipper kit with different sized razor guards, you can apply the shortest guard at the bottom of your head, and slowly work your way longer, to apply a fade effect.

Tips For Cutting Your Own Hair At Home

First and foremost, "I would recommend getting hair scissors," says Tran, as he says they will cause less split end damage to hair.

Tran also suggests allowing enough time to take it slow with home haircuts. It requires focus and precision, so you definitely don't want to rush through it.

In the spring, when hair salons re-opened, appointments were booked weeks in advance. Thankfully, these tips can help you perfect your home haircut until you can book your next trim.

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