Here's Everything A Toronto Hairdresser Wants You To Know Before You Book Your First Cut

"Patience is a virtue in this situation."

Here's Everything A Toronto Hairdresser Wants You To Know Before You Book Your First Cut

Toronto hairstylist Kristjan Hayden wants you to "hold on" and have patience as salons get back into their rhythm after being shut down since November 2020.

Haircuts are coming back with a bang this June 30 as Ontario enters step two of its reopening plan. Your quarantine curtain bangs can finally rest, and you can leave your hair to the professionals.

Hayden, creative director and hairstylist at Civello Salon & Spa in Toronto, told Narcity everything you need to know before sitting down for a snip.

How can I get an appointment?

When it comes to booking an appointment, Hayden says, "patience is a virtue."

"We're working really hard to make sure that we're getting people booked back in, and we're starting with the people we had to cancel last November when we shut down for the second time."

Civello's online system is currently booked out over three months in advance, so you may have to wait if you are looking to visit the Queen West salon.

While this may seem like a long haul for a trim, they will be running at a 25% capacity in accordance with provincial guidelines with consequently less staff and appointments available.

An inside tip Hayden told Narcity when trying to snag an appointment is to call over booking online.

"Your best bet is to call, and if you're leaving a message and don't hear back right away, you're welcome to call again. We don't mind that at all. We want to get you back into the salon".

Will services be limited?

As Ontario enters step two on Wednesday, all personal services that don't require the removal of a face mask will be allowed to open.

Unlike last November, when blow-drying hair was not permitted, full hair services will be provided, but some beauty procedures will be limited.

"The general rule is any service where you would have to remove your mask we're just not able to offer at this time. That includes some makeup services and spa services like facials."

As people enter the salon, Haydon urges them to be mindful of COVID-19 regulations "keeping six feet apart wherever possible" and "making sure to keep your mask on when inside the salon."

Brooke Houghton
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