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Ford Says The Women In His Family Are Pressuring Him To Open Hair & Nail Salons Faster

He said "discussions are going on right now" about reopening salons.

Premier Doug Ford is feeling the pressure to reopen salons in Ontario, not just from members of the public but also from the women in his life.

The premier was asked in a Thursday press conference about whether or not personal care salons could be allowed to open sooner, to which he replied that his wife and daughters are "lobbying [him] hard" about it.

"I have five women in my house, well not my house, but five women that are onto me and they're lobbying me hard [...] these manicures, pedicures, and everything else they get done," he said, likely referring to his wife and daughters.

"We're going to sit down with the health table, and Dr. Williams, and just get his guidance," said Ford about hair salons. "I'm pushing him, I think everyone is pushing him." He added that the decision will have to go through cabinet but that there are "discussions going on right now" with Dr. Williams and the health table to make a decision.

The premier was asked about moving into step two of reopening faster, and he said that he will "absolutely" be asking for recommendations from the health table about doing so.

"No one wants to open this economy more than I do," he said. "I just want to make sure we do it cautiously, I want to get the stamp of approval from all the docs, and we're going to be well on our way.