Everything You Need To Know About The New Lockdown In Toronto & Peel

We've answered your questions about hair salons, York Region and more.
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Toronto & Peel Lockdown: Here Is Everything That You Need To Know

Residents are about to see major changes as we head into the Toronto and Peel lockdown.

As of Monday, November 23 at 12:01 a.m. both regions will see multiple stores and venues close their doors. 

We've asked you what you want to know about the newest restrictions and how it will affect your day-to-day, and we're here to give you the answers. 

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When will the lockdown start and when will it end?

According to Doug Ford, Toronto and Peel will be moving into lockdown on Monday, November 23, at 12:01 a.m.

Regions are expected to remain in their new zones for 28 days, which means Toronto and Peel can expect to stay in lockdown until at least December 21.

However, it is still unclear if these restrictions will last longer.

What's closing?

The Ford government announced on Friday that multiple venues will be forced to close on Monday.

Gyms, sports facilities, cinemas, casinos, museums, and personal services will all have to shut their doors.

Restaurants will remain closed for indoor dining but can stay open for take-out and delivery.

Shopping malls and other non-essential services will also have to close but will be able to remain open for pick-up and delivery.

Religious services and weddings will be restricted to 10 people indoors and 10 people outdoors.

Will dental offices be closed? 

All essential businesses are still allowed to remain open during the new lockdown.

This means that health services such as pharmacies, dentist offices and doctor offices will all remain open to the public.

However, these offices are required to follow social distancing protocols with capacity limits.

What about hair salons? 

Sadly, we must all say goodbye to a good hair day — at least for now.

The Ontario government announced on Friday that hair salons and barbers will be some of the services that are required to close.

Other personal care services, such as nail salons will also be forced to shut their doors.

Is York Region included in the lockdown? 

On Friday, York was able to avoid being put into lockdown by the government.

However, the region still remains in the red zone and is under certain restrictions.

Outdoor gatherings can only reach 25 people and indoor gatherings can only reach 10.

Schools will be closed too?!?

No. If you are a student, you will still need to attend classes.

Both primary and post-secondary schools will remain open during the lockdown.

In fact, Ford stated that the lockdown measures are being put in place to get the community spread under control so that we can protect in-class learning.

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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