The next time you try indoor dining in Toronto, it could look a little different. 

Currently, Mayor John Tory is working towards restaurants and gyms being allowed to reopen in a "slightly more normal" capacity to avoid going out of business. 

The mayor warned that stricter mask-wearing rules would be the tip of the iceberg if indoor dining returns.

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Aside from the fact of when you are taking a sip or when you are taking a bite, you have the mask on.  Mayor John Tory

"So while you are waiting for your food, while you are looking at the menu, all those times, you keep it on," Tory stated to CP24. 

Restaurants and bars could also be forced to close earlier to stop residents from staying out all night drinking. 

"The earlier closing time is so that the late night drinking that you get, which then causes people to take off their mask, is not as likely to occur," Tory added.

Toronto was forced to shut down indoor dining on October 10 after being pushed back to a modified version of Stage two of Ontario's reopening plan.

The restrictions are set to be reviewed on November 7, 2020.

*This article's headline was updated.