While Halloween won't look the same this year, one Ontario community is trying their best to save the spooky spirit. 

Innisfil Community Halloween 2020, an event hosted by Jennifer Richardson, has neighbours battling it out in an epic contest to see who can have the scariest home.

As of Thursday morning, 88 properties are currently decked out in decorations in an attempt to brighten the spirits of those who pass by in their cars. 

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Innisfil Community Halloween 2020 | Facebook

How does the Innisfil Community Halloween contest work? 

Richardson, who spoke to Narcity, said that residents of the community are being encouraged to drive around the town and check out the houses from their vehicles. 

The journey isn't for the faint of heart, as some of these spots resemble what you might find in a haunted house. 

Once you see all the spooky spots, you can vote online for both the scariest and the favourite house of the year. 

The competition itself will run on Friday and there will be 13 winners, some of which will be chosen by the council, mayor and the MPP. 

Innisfil Community Halloween 2020 | Facebook

How competitive are the houses getting? 

When asked if some houses are getting competitive, Richardson replied "100%." 

"There are quite a few houses that have gone way over and above than I would ever think of."

Richardson says that over the past few years, there have been a few houses that have always gone all out.

However, this year the town has seen way more competition and participation from the community.  

One local home has transformed into a funhouse, while another has filled their entire front yard in spooky cobwebs and spiders. 

Innisfil Community Halloween 2020 | Facebook

What was the idea behind Innisfil Community Halloween?

The event started as a way to help Richardson's family celebrate the holiday

"My family is huge Halloween freaks," she stated, sharing that they usually throw a huge bash to celebrate both the holiday and her husband's birthday.

However, as September rolled around and restrictions stayed in place, she quickly realized that it wasn't possible this year.  

"Just the thought of saying that Halloween itself would be cancelled, it really put a damper on us." 

"If we do a house decorating contest, it's outside [...] and everyone can still have fun with the celebration of it."

While this is the first year hosting the competition, Richardson states that they are already looking into hosting it next year as well.