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Kyle Lowry's Mom Live Tweets Every Game & You Will Just Want To Hug Her So Hard

With the Raptors and Celtics Game 7 coming up tonight, Twitter is blowing up in anticipation. However, one social media user, in particular, is especially excited. Kyle Lowry's mom has been live-tweeting every game and her commentary is beyond adorable.

Marie Hollaway has been Lowry's Twitter cheerleader since the player joined the Raptors in 2012.

Her sweet words will make you want to give her a retweet and a hug.

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It's not only Lowry that she publicly supports. She shouts out all of his teammates that are doing well.

She even gave Norman Powell some birthday love.

She doesn't hold back when discussing her opinions on referee calls, either.

Ms. Hollaway, we are so here for your motherly support. Hopefully, it'll propel the Raptors to a big win tonight! 

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