Locke & Key' Season 2 Was Filmed Across Ontario & These 8 Spots Look SUPER Familiar

Netflix's Locke & Key just released its second season of the thrilling teen fantasy on October 22, and although the series is set in Massachusetts, you might be surprised by how much of the show was actually filmed in Ontario.

To satisfy your curiosity, here are all of the Locke & Key filming locations across Ontario in season two.

Bridge Street


Locke & Key is set in the fictional town of Matheson in Massachusetts, but the charming town is actually filmed just east of Kettle Creek in Port Stanley, Ontario. The sweeping view of the town in season two's first episode is specifically Bridge Street.

Rockwood Conservation


If you've spent some time in Guelph, Ontario, you may have recognized the Rockwood Conservation Area in the first episode of Locke & Key season two. Kinsey Locke walks across the lake while using a key, and the Ontario park makes a perfect backdrop for her as she occasionally lounges in an inflatable swan in the middle of the lake (inside of her own head).

Humber College

An easy-to-spot location in the show for Humber College alumni is Matheson Academy. The high school the Locke children attend is actually Humber College's Lakeshore Campus in Etobicoke — well, its exterior is, anyway. The scenes outside of the school were filmed at Humber College – however, inside the school is a whole other location.

Wycliffe College


The inside of Matheson Academy is filmed at Wycliffe College, an evangelical graduate school at The University of Toronto. So if you live in downtown Toronto, chances are you may have walked past the Locke & Key high school without even knowing it.

Playhouse Cinema

Movie fanatics might recognize the inside of Hamilton, Ontario's Playhouse Cinema during the first episode of season two.

The inside of the theatre is used as the location for the premiere of Splattering, a horror movie made by Kinsey and her group of friends with the help of their magic keys. Hamilton locals will probably be able to spot out the theatre's concession stand, which remains largely unchanged in the show.

Springer Market Square


In season two, episode four, Tyler Locke takes Jackie Veda to Bath, England, for her birthday using one of the keys. Of course, the cast didn't actually fly all the way to England just to film a couple of scenes. Springer Market Square in Kingston was instead transformed into England for the pair's romantic outing.

Mill Race Park

As Jackie and Tyler enjoy her birthday in season two, episode four, they take a romantic walk in front of a river in Bath, but anyone from Cambridge, Ontario, will recognize that the path is actually from Mill Race Park.

Westfield Heritage Village


The rustic key-making cabin in season two's filming location was in Rockton, Ontario, at the Westfield Heritage Village. The cabin scenes both inside and out were shot at the village, home to over 30 historic buildings.

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