'Locke & Key' Cast Members Just Revealed Their Favourite Things To Do In Toronto (VIDEO)

The two stars told us their fave spots for coffee, dinner, and a walk.

'Locke & Key' Cast Members Just Revealed Their Favourite Things To Do In Toronto (VIDEO)
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Season two of Netflix's hit show Locke & Key makes its debut on October 22, and you'll be reunited with your favourite characters and key-filled house .

Two such characters are loveable uncle Duncan Locke and conniving villain Dodge, played by Canadian actors Aaron Ashmore and Laysla De Oliveira.

So what do these two get up to when they're not surrounded by magical keys and plotting evil schemes? Narcity got the scoop on their favourite spots to hit up around Toronto.

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Where would you go for a cup of coffee?

In typical showbiz fashion, Ashmore and De Oliveira are all about the coffee.

"I love shooting in Toronto and going back home, because there's this coffee shop [...] called French Made, so usually I get a coffee there," De Oliveira says. "A big cup of coffee, especially during the fall, it's so nice."

"My favourite coffee shop, there's two that I would either go to," says Ashmore. "Dark Horse [...] and a place called Rooster [...]. Beautiful views."

How would you spend the day?

"I just love walking my dog, and going to High Park or Brick Works with my dog," says De Oliveira, adding that she also enjoys Trinity Bellwoods in the summer when it's not too busy.

"I love the Brick Works too," Ashmore agrees. "There was a farmers market up there that we used to go to and the food was always so good, just wandering around out there, it's great.

"There was a place, I think it's in King West, it's called Hammam, it's a spa," he says. "I'd go get a massage there, which I don't do very often, but if we're talking about the perfect day, I feel like that would probably be included in there."

Where would you go for dinner?

When it comes to a dinner out, both stars are on the same page.

"Terroni on Queen Street West," De Oliveira says.

"I was going to say Terroni!" Ashmore exclaims. "I could go for some pasta right now. How's that for a perfect day? Massage, coffee, Terroni..."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Madeline Forsyth
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