Meet Fay DeFazio Ebert, Team Canada’s Youngest National Skateboarder (VIDEO)

She's only 11 years old!
Meet Fay DeFazio Ebert, Team Canada’s Youngest National Skateboarder (VIDEO)

While Fay DeFazio Ebert is only 11 years old, this Torontonian is already grinding into the history books as the youngest member of Canada’s first national skateboard team.

In an interview for Narcity’s qNa series, the skateboarding prodigy spoke about when she first started skateboarding - just a few short years ago - saying “it felt right...all of a sudden everything just clicked, I just loved it.”

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Her apparent love of the sport seems to rival her appreciation for the skateboarding community of which she is a part, which she enthusiastically describes as “awesome,” adding “we all love skateboarding, and we’re all different ages, and it doesn’t matter.”

While Ebert’s talent has earned her a spot on the national team, when discussing her Olympic prospects, the idea of not making it didn’t seem to dampen her spirits one bit, saying “it’s okay because I can always look forward to something, it’s just all a good experience.”

And when asked about advice she has for future skateboarders, her answer further solidified how she is beyond her years, saying, “Don’t expect it to be easy because you have to work hard and that’s why I love skateboarding so much…you work so hard at a trick and you hate it so much, but then when you land it, it’s just the feeling of everything just off your shoulders.”

Fay DeFazio Ebert

Instagram: @fayskate

Why You Should Know Them: Fay DeFazio Ebert is one of only 12 members that comprise Canada's first national skateboard team, being the youngest at just 11 years old.


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