It looks like the cat does come back. One Ontario feline has returned home after a decade-long adventure this week. On Wednesday morning, a missing Ontario cat was finally found 25 kilometres away from his home. 

According to a post from Lincoln County Humane Society, back in 2010, Hobbs the cat disappeared from his residence in Smithville, leaving his owner Frances behind. 

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Despite searching high and low, the Ontario cat owner was unable to find her furry friend, until this week. 

The now 14-year-old cat spent a decade going on his own adventure across the province. However, exactly what the four-legged creature got up to will forever remain a mystery. 

After growing up on the streets, Hobbs was discovered wandering around in the Town of Lincoln and was brought to the local Humane Society

However, the feline wasn't done exploring just yet and the resident actually lost him in the parking lot outside of the shelter.

The Humane Society spent most of the day trying to trace down the kitty and he was finally rediscovered. 

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Thanks to a microchip, LCHS was able to find Frances and reunited the two after the decade long vacation. 

Hobbs spent his first day home sleeping throughout the night and he will soon be on his way to the veterinarian for an overdue check-up. 

“I was dumbfounded! No Way! It’s been 10 years,” Frances told LCHS over the phone. 

A video of the reunion has been posted on YouTube between the owner and her pet. "You're an old man now," she can be heard saying. 

However, this isn't the first time a cat has gone on a wild adventure. 

A few years ago, one feline was accidentally shipped 1,200 kilometres away and ended up in Montreal.