After a night full of partying on Wednesday, a popular Toronto bar is speaking out. Marcella Zoia posted videos on Instagram of her celebrating days after her trial. The groups that were spotted crowding inside of the patio have prompted Arcane to point blame at the guests. 

On Wednesday, dozens were spotted dancing and celebrating in the small outdoor space. Both Zoia and Toronto rapper Chromazz shared footage throughout the night. 

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Now, Arcane, which is located on King St. W., is speaking out about the party at their venue that has made headlines. 

In an Instagram post, the company states that the safety of their guests is a "top priority." 

The bar claims that they were not overcapacity that night and there was enough space to be socially distant.

However,  it was the group that crowded together and moved away from their assigned seating. 

"We are very strict on access and there are no more than 70 people allowed on the patio at any given time," it says.

The patio's capacity can accommodate 142,  which they have halved due to the pandemic. 

The crowds reportedly started to form after one table popped champagne and other groups came over to join them. 

"It appears the group in this video organized to book several tables and when one table opened champagne, the guests seated at other tables joined them."

"Our staff immediately asked the guests to go back to their assigned tables."


Zoia has been posting videos of herself living it up after the recent verdict in her trial let her walk away with no jail time.  

Mayor John Tory expressed his disappointment with the outcome in an interview, and said that she "should have gone to jail."

Zoia was sentenced with 150 hours of community service and a $2,000 fine.

The proposed social media ban that the Crown was considering was not enforced.