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NHL Bubble Is In Canada & One Coach Revealed The Best Part About It Which Is So Canadian

This is kind of the perfect combination. With the NHL bubble being in Canada, one coach shared his favourite part about quarantined living. It really couldn't be more Canadian!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHL has taken over Toronto and Edmonton for the Stanley Cup Qualifiers and Playoffs.

Coaches, team staff and players have been living in hotels in those cities since July and the guy's taking the ice have truly been living like kings.

Social media posts from the players have shown them having fancy breakfasts with so many food options and relaxing in extravagant lounge areas.

However, one coach is keeping it simple with what he loves about the bubble.

Tampa Bay Lightning's goalie coach Frantz Jean has been tweeting about life in the NHL bubble and he even shouted out one of his favourite aspects of it.

He shared a photo of a Tim Hortons coffee truck outside of BMO Field in Exhibition Place and said it's "arguably the best thing about the bubble."

Hockey and Tim Hortons, does it get more Canadian than that?

Maybe if the coffee truck also served poutine and there was a beaver riding a moose beside it.

After Jean posted his love and appreciation for Tims keeping him caffeinated during the restarted NHL season, the coffee chain responded to him in humble canuck fashion.

"We'd argue a close second after the hockey 🏒☕," Tims tweeted.

Jean, who's currently working his 10th season with the Lightning, also posted about having a coffee while walking into the gym the Raptors use and sinking a three-pointer.

He tweeted a video of that moment too.

The Tim Hortons coffee truck has also been going around Canada and giving out free coffee to people who are serving their community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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