This Gorgeous Garden Is A Toronto Day Trip With Italian Vacation Vibes

Hello, architecture goals!
Oakes Garden Theatre Tucked Away In Niagara Falls Feels Like A Little Slice Of Italy

When it comes to day trips from Toronto, Niagara Falls is tried and tested. Whether you've been once or a hundred times, you can count on the city for an easy and fun-filled outing. But if you're looking for peaceful European vibes rather than bustling streets, Oakes Garden Theatre is sure to satisfy.

With ornamental iron gates, limestone walls, and a central amphitheatre, this tranquil spot tucked away amid the tall buildings gives us secret Italian vacation vibes, and we're here for it.

You can find this lush garden oasis, which serves as the entry point to Queen Victoria Park, near the base of Clifton Hill.

There's a shaded lily pond that features a cute footbridge and a handful of well-maintained gardens for you to admire during your visit.

The gardens have been open since 1937, so there's plenty of history in these walls as well.

Best of all, there's no admission price to get in!

If you'd rather be ambling around the streets of Italy right now, this garden is an excellent substitute (not to mention a much cheaper alternative).

Plus, with so many additional activities within walking distance, you'll never get bored.

Despite being next to the action, you'll likely feel like you're worlds away when you visit this place.

Oakes Garden Theatre

Price: Free

Address: 5851 Niagara Pky., Niagara Falls, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can pretend you're in Italy at this stunning spot in Niagara Falls.


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