In Wednesday's media briefing, Premier Doug Ford hinted he may look to drop the Ontario cellphone ban in schools so that students can download the COVID-19 tracing app.

The COVID Alert app was released earlier this month and Ford urged as many people as possible to download it immediately. The app only works if you have your phone on you, which is why prohibiting phones may have to end.

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We can look at [scrapping the ban].

Doug Ford

The ban went into effect in November of 2019 and was met with mixed reviews. 

Shortly after it went into force, #OKBoomer was trending in Canada, and lots of Ontarians were aiming it at Ford and his new policy. The kids were clearly not pleased.

Doug Ford has made no official comment on whether that ban will be lifted, but after hinting at it today, and urging all Ontarians to download the COVID-19 tracing app, it may be a strong possibility.