This adorable Ontario church for sale is offering homebuyers the chance to own something old and new. 

Once known as the Historic Kinmount Church, the building has been completely transformed into a rustic living space. 

Located in Kinmount, Ontario, it is only walking distance to restaurants, groceries and some nice walking trails. 

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While the outside of the space still looks like a chapel, you would never know from the inside that this was a place of worship.

The two-bedroom home comes with an adorable woodstove that gives the spot even more rustic charm. 

It also has big open windows that offer plenty of light. 

With the asking price just under $300,000, it is the perfect place to call home if you are on a budget. 

The master bedroom even has a door to the porch, where you can enjoy the views from your property.  

Converted Church 

Price: $299,900

Address: 4 Dickson St., Kinmount, ON

Description: Live inside a piece of history at this church-turned-home.

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