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This Ontario Company Is Giving Employees With Bad Cramps Paid Period Days Off

Employees can take up to 12 days off each year!

Toronto Associate Editor
This Ontario Company Is Giving Employees With Bad Cramps Paid Period Days Off

Now, this is something that totally wouldn't cramp our styles. Diva Cup International, a company based in Kitchener that is the maker of DivaCup, has announced that it's giving employees paid period leave.

"For too long, periods and menstruation have been stigmatized not only in life, but in the workplace," the company wrote in a social media announcement on October 12. "Many people who menstruate suffer through dysmenorrhea, PCOS, endometriosis and painful period cramps, and sickness just to 'show up' at work."

Any and all employees who have periods will be able to take 12 paid menstrual leave days off each year, on top of their existing sick and personal care days.

"We hope that this not only encourages our teammates to take care of themselves in the ways they need to and want to, but also encourages other businesses to open up a conversation on menstruation in the workplace," the company added.

According to The Canadian Press, Toronto-based period cup brand Nixit Ltd. also gives their employees paid personal time for their menstrual health. Narcity reached out to Nixit Ltd. for comment but did not hear back before this article was published.

Recently, the Ontario government recognized the necessity of period products and is now supplying free pads (and eventually tampons) for students.

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