This Toronto-Based Company Offers Unlimited Sick Days For Employees On Their Period & More

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This Toronto Company Offers Unlimited Sick Days For Employees On Their Period & More

Now these are some serious work perks, period. This Toronto-based company gives all of their employees as many days off as they need whenever it's that time of the month.

"Since founding nixit in 2018, providing unlimited sick days for menstrual, mental, and physical health has always been our policy," Founder Rachael Newton told Narcity via email. "nixit is a female-founded company and 100 per cent of our employees are people who menstruate."

Nixit is a Toronto-based company that makes reusable period cups for everyone who menstruates.

"As a company focused on periods and period care, we talk openly about menstruation and everyone understands taking a day off for period symptoms is no different to taking a day off because you have the flu or feel unwell," Newton said.

Newton added that it's part of Nixit's mission to destigmatize the conversations about periods, and that it's important to see the effects that period symptoms have on a person's physical and mental health.

"We've been conditioned to believe menstruating is something to be ashamed of, but, normalizing these conversations and policies will lead to healthier relationships with our periods," Newton said.

The company also recognizes that periods and their symptoms are totally unpredictable, so they don't require their team members to provide notice ahead of time when they're getting hit hard by Mother Nature's uterus punch.

Nixit isn't the only workplace in Ontario that provides period time off, either. Diva Cup International recently announced that it now gives its employees up to 12 paid period days.

The province itself also recognized the importance of easy access to period products for teenagers and is supplying free period products to students at Ontario schools.

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