Doug Ford Says That A Curfew Is Not Off The Table For Ontario

"Everything is on the table."
Ontario Curfew Isn't Off The Table For The Province, Says Doug Ford
Ontario Editor

Ontarians might see further lockdown restrictions in the future. 

In a press conference on Tuesday, Doug Ford stated that an Ontario curfew is something that could be implemented if numbers continue to rise.

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Let's see where the numbers go, I always say everything is on the table. Doug Ford

When asked if Ontario would be following in the footsteps of Quebec, which is currently considering an overnight curfew, Ford stated that "everything is on the table."

"I’ll have a discussion over the next day or so with Premier Legault," Ford continued. 

However, the premier did stress that this choice does depend on "where the numbers go" in the next few weeks. 

A curfew, which could force residents to stay indoors after a certain time, has been implemented in multiple cities around the world to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Spots such as Australia and Paris have taken part in this practice. 

This announcement comes after Ford stated back in December that a curfew wouldn't be imposed.  

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor