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Ontario Gas Prices Are Set To Drop In Two Spots Tomorrow & Here's What You Need To Know

Only a few spots are getting cheaper.

Toronto Staff Writer
An Esso gas station in Toronto.

An Esso gas station in Toronto.

Another day, another held breath, looking over predictions for Ontario gas prices. Fret not, folks. The latest isn't a day ruiner.

According to Gas Wizard, a widespread increase brought gas up 3 cents on Wednesday, bringing totals to 148.9 cents per litre for areas like Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, and Niagara.

Predictions for Thursday tell a different story, with most cities recording no change, and only two spots expected to be affected.

Peterborough residents will continue to enjoy the province's cheapest pumps, thanks to an expected 4-cent decrease leaving its totals at 140.6 cents per litre on Thursday.

The city won't quite get back to the blissful 136.6 cents per litre it recorded on Tuesday, but it's hardly anything to commiserate over.

In a weird twist of fate, Sudbury, a spot that regularly records the most expensive gas in the province, will be the only other city to record a dip.

If all goes as predicted, the area will see its pumps drop by a single cent, rounding things off at 159.6 cents per litre. All told, the decrease isn't that exciting. However, it does set the northern city up to leave Thunder Bay and its totals of 165.9 cents per litre in the dust.

It can be a roll of the dice for which cottage country staple ends up offering higher gas. But, for now, Sudbury can count itself amongst the lucky.

If you live in an expensive area and are looking for ways to save more on gas, utilizing apps such as Gas Buddy, Waze and CAA could give you the edge you need.

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