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Ontario Home For Sale Looks Straight Out Of A Horror Movie But Is Only $280K

An Ontario home for sale just popped up on the market at a surprisingly reasonable price, but it will need a lot of work before becoming move-in ready.

The home in Devon, Ontario, at 925 Highway 593 is a sprawling three-bedroom, one-bathroom home that looks like something straight out of a horror movie.

Located through a gate and down a beaten road, residents might just be the stars of the next Paranormal Activity.

Kathleen Lent | RE/MAX

The 1050-square-foot property is impressively vast, sitting on nearly 100 acres of land.

Kathleen Lent | RE/MAX

However, the home's interior is in rough shape, which only adds to the eerie atmosphere.

Kathleen Lent | RE/MAX

Thankfully, the creepy estate isn't super isolated, with a grocery store and school within a five-minute walking distance.

Kathleen Lent | RE/MAX

However, its truly haunting aesthetic only gets worse the more you explore it.

Kathleen Lent | RE/MAX

Overall, the home is best suited for anyone looking for a real estate project or a big plot of land.

Kathleen Lent | RE/MAX

Haunting Ontario Home

Kathleen Lent | RE/MAX

Price: $279,900

Address: 925 Highway 593, Devon, ON

Description: A fixer-upper on a huge plot of land.

View Here

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