Ontario Is Set To Get Rid Of Applied & Academic Streams For Grade 9 Students Next Year

The choice between streams will no longer be a thing. 📝

Ontario Is Set To Get Rid Of Applied & Academic Streams For Grade 9 Students Next Year
Toronto Associate Editor

Ontario students going into ninth grade won't have to make the choice between academic or applied streams anymore starting next year.

Calls to put an end to the "discriminatory" system have been circulating for a while, and Education Minister Stephen Lecce has previously said the government was working on removing it.

Lecce stressed to the Toronto Star last year that it is one of a few "systemic, racist, discriminatory" practices in Ontario's schools that had to change.

"Our government has continuously taken action to remove barriers for all students, including racialized children in Ontario," Lecce told Narcity via email.

"We will continue to take action to lift up all students, with an ambitious plan to support better pathways to the skilled trades, post-secondary, and good-paying jobs."

Typically, students would choose between more practical, hands-on versions of courses (applied) and more theoretical courses (academic) for subjects like English, math and science.

In a memo, it was confirmed that all subjects for grade nine students will now be offered under the same stream for September 2022.

These new changes will affect French, English, science, and Canadian geography courses.

The Ministry of Education is planning on providing more materials for the next school year that will help grade10 students transition from de-streamed to streamed classes at school.

Earlier this year, Ontario announced that it is modernizing math for grade nine students, where they will get to learn how to be financially literate (meaning they will actually get to learn how to pay off a mortgage and how to pay taxes), how to code, and other practical math skills.

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Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor