This Adorable House For Sale Makes Canada Look Like Stars Hollow

It has major 'Gilmore Girls' vibes.
Ontario Lake House With Major Gilmore Girls Vibes Makes Canada Look Like Stars Hollow

You might have noticed this stunning Ontario lake house while out on a drive to catch some fall colours and realized how it's a bit similar to the home where Lorelai and Rory lived in Stars Hollow.

Gilmore Girls fans need to see this house with its wrap-around porch and secret gazebo in the back yard.

It makes Barrie, Ontario look just like the fictional Connecticut town in the show.

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[rebelmouse-image 25998408 photo_credit="David Weeks | Century 21" expand=1 original_size="1024x682"] David Weeks | Century 21

By the blue shores of Lake Simcoe, this sunny yellow house has more personality than a chatty Gilmore.

The gazebo out back that will make you think of the one in the of Stars Hollow town square.

The four-bedroom house was built back in 1875 and it's surrounded by lilac bushes and maple trees.

Lorelai would be jealous of this house because it has a cozy room at the top surrounded by windows — exactly like the kind of place you'd find Rory curled up with a book.

It will take you about two hours to drive up here from Toronto, but if you want the slower pace and charm of small-town life, then this could be a great fit.

Gilmore Girls House

Price: $985,000

Address: 230 Kempenfelt Dr., Barrie, ON

Description: It's as close as you can get to being a resident of Stars Hollow.

[rebelmouse-image 25998409 photo_credit="David Weeks | Century 21" expand=1 original_size="1704x1128"] David Weeks | Century 21

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