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Ontario Lottery Winner Wins Big & Reveals She Often Plays Numbers From Fortune Cookies

An Ontario lottery winner won a big cash prize and revealed her secret when it comes to choosing what numbers to play.

According to OLG, Lisa Ing of Aurora won an impressive $100,000 during the July 27, 2021, LOTTO MAX draw after matching six of the seven ENCORE numbers.

Ing, who works in insurance, admitted while collecting her funds at the OLG Prize Centre that some of her lucky numbers have a hilariously simple origin story.

"I sometimes play numbers from fortune cookies or significant family numbers," she told OLG.

Nevertheless, she was stunned when she saw her winning ticket on the OLG App. "I had to check it a few times - it was a shock!"

As for what she plans to do with the winnings, Ing admitted she has no clue. "It's so surreal and hasn't sunk in yet," she concluded.

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Two unclaimed winning lottery tickets in the GTA will expire next month leaving tens of thousands of dollars in limbo.

According to OLG, the tickets, which were both drawn in the Toronto West area, are worth $10,000 and $25,000 respectively and will become disqualified in early October.

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The Lotto Max Jackpot Just Got Higher Again & $70 Million Is On The Horizon

But winning Friday's $65 million would definitely be a game-changer.

Buckle up folks, we could be in for another wild ride because the Lotto Max jackpot has gotten bigger once again and it's so close to $70 million.

For the draw on September 24, the jackpot is now $65 million after nobody won the grand prize on September 21 which was $60 million.

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Ontario Lottery Winner Scored Two Big Prizes In One Year & He's 'Feeling Very Lucky'

He's hoping to invest some money and splurge on his family. 🥺

Courtesy of OLG

An Ontario lottery winner just scored a major prize, but this isn't his first time winning. For 77-year-old Hamilton resident, Robert MacDonald, this is the second time in less than a year that he's won some serious cash.

According to OLG, MacDonald earned $100,000 after matching the last six of seven Encore numbers in exact order for a Lottario draw on July 10, 2021. Just nine months before this, in October 2020, MacDonald won $50,000 in an Ontario 49 draw.

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An Ontario lottery winner had to convince his own family of his winnings after nabbing a recent LOTTO 6/49 draw.

According to OLG, Mississauga local Kim Lauw won a cool $1 million last month after purchasing a ticket online for the August 14, 2021 draw.

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