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Ontario Lottery Winners Are A Group Of Friends Who Knew Each Other Since Elementary School

"We've been friends for 27 years – since elementary school!"

Ontario Lottery Winners Are A Group Of Friends Who Knew Each Other Since Elementary School

A group of Ontario lottery winners have their decade-spanning friendship to thank for their massive win this summer, and it's super wholesome.

According to OLG, the group of friends, whose names are Angie Martin, Dara Lavoie, Jami Lynn Viveiros and Natasha Howard, won a Maxmillions prize worth $1 million in the June 11, 2021 draw after purchasing the winning ticket together.

"We've only been playing the lottery as a group for six months," Jami said while collecting the group's win at the OLG Prize Centre. "We've been friends for 27 years – since elementary school!"

"Everyone was in shock and disbelief when we discovered our win. We're still going to play together," Jami added.

Of course, the group members aren't waiting around to celebrate, with a cottage trip already in the works for them and their families.

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