Ontario Lottery Winner Says She 'Cried Like A Baby' & Couldn’t Wait To Tell Her Mom

An Ontario lottery winner is planning to spend her prize money treating her mom, who she says is her "priority."

According to OLG, Oshawa resident and seasoned lottery player Tamara Geldart won $642,002.90 in the August 28, 2021, LOTTARIO draw.

"I play the lottery regularly. I like when the jackpots are high," Geldart said while collecting her funds at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto.

The retail worker, who found out about her win via the OLG app, initially thought she had won less than a thousand dollars.

"I thought I won $642," she admitted. "My husband told me to check it again and I took a closer look and saw I matched all the numbers – I started to cry!"

"It's so emotional and surreal. I couldn't wait to tell my mom. I cried like a baby when I told her – she always said she wished she could see me win the lottery," she added. "My priority is my mom. I would love to give back after all the care I received from her over the years."

OLG | Handout, Lance McMillan | Narcity

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