Ontario Lottery Winner Checked His Ticket At 2 Stores Because He Didn't Believe He Won

One Ontario lottery winner is a whole lot richer after matching six out of seven Encore numbers.

Kananathan Kanapathippillai, a furniture company employee, won $100,000 in the Lotto Max draw on October 26 and was in such disbelief of his winnings he had to check his ticket at two stores, according to OLG.

The Markham resident is a regular player and told OLG that, while he loves playing "most games," he always plays Encore.

The lucky winner checked his ticket while he was at a store and revealed he needed to double-verify before celebrating the win.

"I asked the clerk, 'Are you sure that's my prize?' and then went to another store to check it again!"

Kanapathippillai says he called his wife "right away" to share the news.

His daughters were also not believers at first. "My daughters thought I was joking," he said

Kanapathippillai plans to use the money to "pay some bills" and celebrate with his family.

He's not the first lottery winner to be shocked by the win

Brampton resident Boun Ly won $100,000 during the January 8, 2021, Lotto Max draw but had trouble believing it.

In fact, the lottery winner was in such disbelief that she put the ticket back into her purse.

"I was at the grocery store when I checked my ticket and saw 'Big Winner' and a big number. I couldn't believe it and put the ticket back in my purse."

She finally came to terms with her big win after her husband convinced her it wasn't fake. "When I realized it was real, I was so excited and happy!"

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