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Ontario Lottery Winners Left Their $2M Ticket Sitting Around In A Pocket For Nearly A Week

Two Ontario lottery winners were seemingly in no rush to discover their fortune after waiting almost an entire week before checking their winning ticket.

According to OLG, Mississauga residents Hung and Hao Nguyen won a life-changing $2 million after scoring the top prize in the July 28, 2021, ONTARIO 49 draw.

The grandparents say they bought the ticket while grocery shopping for their grandson, which is maybe the most wholesome way to win the lottery.

"I kept the ticket in my pocket for five days before checking it!" Hung said while collecting the winnings at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto.

"We were at the grocery store when we decided to randomly check our ticket. My husband was shaking and calling me over," Hao added.

The parents of three plan to share their millions with their children and continue donating to their favourite charities.

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