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An Ontario Man Won $1M After The Cashier Picked The Wrong Ticket

Imagine if all our mistakes made us millionaires!
The Wrong Lottery Ticket In Ontario Won An 82-Year-Old Man A $1 Million Jackpot

People talk about paying big prices for their mistakes, but what about becoming a millionaire thanks to somebody else's error? That's what happened to Michael Butt from Combermere, Ontario. The 82-year-old is now $1,000,000 richer after buying the wrong lottery ticket in Ontario.

Wanting to buy a Lotto 6/49 ticket, Butt went home with a Lotto MAX ticket instead, thanks to a simple human error.

He explains that the cashier gave him the wrong kind of slip by mistake. It ultimately won the pensioner a million bucks.

Butt bought the ticket on April 7 and then forgot all about it until Easter weekend. He asked his grandson to check for the ticket and he soon realized his fortune.


“I asked a family member to see if the ticket was a winner, and my grandson turned and looked at me and said, ‘Grandpa you won a million bucks!’” Butt explained in an OLG press release sent to Narcity.

He noted that he couldn't help but feel obliged to tip the cashier whose mistake made him rich.

“The same cashier who sold me the ticket was working and so I tipped her. This wouldn’t have happened without her. I was there to buy a ticket for the LOTTO 6/49 draw and she selected the wrong draw and printed a LOTTO MAX ticket,” the winner added.

The 82-year-old usually doesn't buy lottery tickets but when he heard that the jackpot was actually growing, he says he figured "why not?"

“I showed my wife and she said, ‘what are you doing? You never play the lottery,’” shared Butt.

Well, it turned out alright in the end!

According to OLG, Butt isn't even the only one in his family to have won the lottery. 

His brother won $3.5 million back in the late 1980s after playing the lottery, too.

There have been some lighthearted winning stories coming out of the province this year.

Imagine getting an annoying wakeup call at 5 a.m. only to have your mood change completely after finding out you're a millionaire.

That's what happened to two friends in Quebec who split the $6,500,000 jackpot back in May.

Another lottery winner in Ontario thought he won a hundred bucks and was content with it, before realizing he actually saw a couple more zeros and had won $100,000.

Then there was the $70,000,000 lottery winner from Brampton who spent his entire day at work, thinking of the best way to share the amazing news with his wife.


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