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Lotto Max Jackpot Winner Found Out He Was A Millionaire In A 5AM Phone Call

Nobody really wants to get woken up at five in the morning. However, finding out that you won the Lotto Max jackpot might soften that blow. That was exactly the case for two friends in Quebec who split the winnings.

James Colin Aiken and Claude Léger of Montreal and Montérégie, respectively, are work friends who recently split the May 5 amount of $6,500,000.

According to a press release from Loto-Québec, the friends have been buying tickets for the Lotto Max draw together for the last few years. Apparently, their persistence has paid off.

James Colin was the first to find out about his and Claude's newly acquired riches. It was early morning, and the very first thing he did was call his friend to let him know.

Claude's phone rang at around 5:00 a.m., normally something that would bring nothing but annoyance. 

However, this time the phone call was loaded with good news, specifically the fact that he and his friend were now multimillionaires.

"It was the best wake-up call of my life," Claude said in a statement.

So how exactly do the two friends plan to spend their winnings? 

James Colin said that he wants to really live it up with his newfound wealth. He said he is going to buy his wife the house of her dreams and retire.

Claude has smaller plans but said he is going to get himself a new car and use the rest of the money to really spoil his daughters.

The two work friends are the latest Quebecers to win a Lotto Max jackpot. In February, grocery clerk Gregory Mathieu claimed a $70 million prize.

More recently, Montérégie resident Yvon Thibert managed to win $2 million without even leaving his house. He bought his ticket online and the rest is history.

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