Another instance of broken COVID-19 regulations has surfaced in the province. An Ontario party has resulted in a fine for a Barrie resident who was meant to be quarantining for 14 days after having just gotten home from travelling internationally. Instead, he invited friends over.

Barrie Police told Narcity over the phone that they received information from Public Health Canada and were instructed to conduct a follow up at a residence in the city.

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“Yesterday, our officers [followed up at] a residence in Barrie for Public Health Canada and unfortunately there was no answer at the door.”

This was a red flag, as the individual was meant to be staying indoors. Barrie Police came back the same evening to follow up once again. The individual answered the door the second time.

“Our night shift followed up on it and found out the person in question had indeed held a party last weekend,” said a representative of Barrie Police.

Police spokesperson Peter Leon told Barrie 360 that only a few people were at the gathering. However, none of the guests knew that the individual was meant to be quarantining.

Police issued a $1000 fine to the man.

“The fact of the matter here is when the person arrived back in Canada, they arrived at the airport," the police rep told Narcity.

"They would have been told that they were required to enter a 14-day quarantine. And [this individual] failed to do so.”

The person in question travelled to Ontario by way of a Caribbean island.

Officers confirmed that this is only the second charge they’ve placed for failing to comply with quarantine requirements.

However, they have placed multiple charges related to the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

Ill-advised parties have been something of a theme around the GTA in recent weeks.

On July 25, Brampton Police broke up a party of nearly 200 young people who were in violation of COVID-19 provinicial protocols.

Premier Doug Ford has previously chastised young people for partying.