Ontarians have wasted no time in reuniting with their loved ones. Doug Ford’s new rules for Ontario's social circles mean that not only can you see your closest family and friends, but you can wrap them in hugs too. Photos of long-awaited embraces have started to appear online and they are heartwarming. 

On Friday, Doug Ford announced that you are now able to hug, touch and come in contact with 10 of your family members or friends. 

The new social circles will allow residents to reunite with loved ones without having to practice social distancing. 

Since the announcement, Ontarians have been taking to social media to share the touching moments where they were are able to hug their family for the first time in months. 

It seems as if many people are using the opportunity to include their grandparents in their bubble.

"Over three months and only communication on messenger I finally got to see and cautiously hug my family this weekend. Best ever hug and kiss with my beautiful granddaughter," wrote one Ontarian in a tweet. 

"I HUGGED MY MOM! It was long, it was tight, it was tearful!
I promise to NEVER take another hug or hand shake for granted again," wrote another user. 

However, the government is still reminding residents to keep their distance from those who aren't in their circle. 

"While this is an exciting step forward, every Ontarian should follow the advice provided by our public health experts to ensure they do so safely and in a way that limits the spread of this virus, including and especially by only being part of one circle. We all owe it to each other to act responsibly," Christine Elliott stated. 

As loved ones continue to be able to reunite, it's not the only piece of good news that shows Ontario is slowly returning back to normal. 

On top of social circles, the government has also announced that multiple parts of the province have started stage two of Ontario's reopening plan. 

The new move will allow restaurants, pools, and hair salons to open in regions with less COVID-19 cases. 

However, the city of Toronto still remains in stage one. 

The premier says that if all goes according to plan, Toronto will finally be able to enter stage two by the end of next week