Ontario Is Getting Ready To Move Into Step 3 & Here's What You Need To Know

Movies, concerts, indoor dining and more!

Ontario Is Getting Ready To Move Into Step 3 & Here's What You Need To Know

Ontario has announced that the province is moving out of step two and into step three of the reopening plan on July 16 at 12:01 a.m.

In a press release, Premier Doug Ford attributed the early reopening "to the tireless efforts of our frontline heroes, and the ongoing commitment of Ontarians to get vaccinated."

Residents will now be able to eat at indoor restaurants and gather in larger groups, and here's everything that you need to know.

How many people can gather indoors and outdoors?

Step three of the roadmap opens up indoor and outdoor limitations. Outdoor social gatherings will be able to go on with a capacity of 100 people with some exceptions, and indoor events will be bumped up to a 25 person capacity.

Indoor dining will make a comeback without limitations on how many people per table. But physical distancing and other "regular restrictions" will remain in effect.

Gyms and indoor sports will be able to reopen at a 50% capacity of the space, which means you won't have to cancel your outdoor fitness class every time it rains this month.

Sport goers will be able to return to indoor stands with a max of 1,000 people or at 50% of the seating capacity, depending on which yields fewer people.

Outdoor sport stands will be able to return at a 75% seating capacity with a max of 15,000 people, depending on which rule yields fewer people.

What attractions will open?

Many indoor attractions will open their doors as museums, galleries, aquariums, zoos, botanical gardens, fairs, festivals and more are permitted to reopen.

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) has already announced its opening on July 21 and other attractions like the Royal Ontario Museum, CN Tower and more to follow.

Casa Loma has also announced its return with its new Imagine Dragons experience on July 21.

The indoor capacity for these attractions will be capped off at 50% or under and the outdoor capacity at 75% or under.

What will concerts and movies look like?

Indoor seated concert venues, cinemas and theatres will reopen at 50% capacity with a capped limit of 1,000 people. However, the number of people permitted will default to whichever rule allows for fewer people.

For outdoor events, the max capacity will be capped at 5,000 people or 75% capacity again, whichever rule permits fewer attendees.

Outdoor events with prearranged seating will allow for much larger crowds with a maximum of 15,000 people or 75% capacity, again, whichever allows for fewer people.

Burl's Creek Event Grounds has already released their summer festival lineup with tickets on sale for their debut concert to be released on July 9.

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