Back to school is only a week away for Ontarians and many parents, students, and teachers are growing more worried by the day.

In response to this concern, the Ontario Liberals have created a website and forum to allow citizens to express their concerns and fears around Ontario’s back-to-school plan. People have already started sharing their thoughts.

The website is meant to function as a place for Ontarians to express their fears surrounding the back-to-school transition. There is an option to share your story anonymously, as well.

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“Over 2 million children along with educators, administrators, custodians, school bus drivers and others who work in the education sector in Ontario are heading back-to-school. We need to work together to hold this government accountable and ensure a safe re-opening,” the website reads in its opening statement.

There are already plenty of stories being shared on the site from parents, teachers, and students.

“I am an infectious disease epidemiologist and [am] disgusted with [Dr. David Williams]. We know that, in order to slow the transmission of the virus in schools, we need to replicate what has been successful in the community,” wrote one parent.

“Namely, [that is] physical distancing. Class sizes need to be adapted where physical distancing of 2m is not possible to ensure the health and safety of our children – and our community,” they continued.

Another parent shared her experience, voicing her concerns that her phone call to her local conservative MPP “fell on deaf ears.”

She was told if she was uncomfortable with “inevitable breakouts,” she should simply not send her children to school.

“As a working mom in 2020, that’s like choosing between my kid's school and my kid's food. It’s an impossible choice," she wrote.

It's not just parents expressing their concerns, either.

A Guelph educator took to the site to voice their opinion on the confusion among their school's staff.

"It’s September 1 and not a single teacher knows what they are teaching September 9," they said.

The full collection of experiences and stories can be read online, here