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Ford Says It's 'Not Realistic' To Expect No COVID-19 Cases From Schools Reopening

The Premier's plan has received backlash.
Ontario Schools Reopening Will Realistically Bring More COVID-19 Cases, Admits Ford

Premier Doug Ford is standing by his Ontario schools reopening plan, but he admits the public should expect further COVID-19 cases as a result.

Speaking at his daily media briefing on Monday, August 10, Ford said he has confidence in the way the province is tackling the issue but says there will undoubtedly be more infections coming.

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To say 'I'm confident no-one's gonna catch the virus' is just not realistic...

Doug Ford

Ford noted there are "two million" people and 160,000 teachers going back into the school system once institutions reopen this fall, and that will naturally bring more cases.

He reiterated he believes his province's plan is the best in the whole country. The framework has encountered mounting pushback from school boards, and one petition against it, launched by a Toronto District School Board employee, has 200,000 signatures.

Ford insisted late last week he "will not hesitate" to shut down schools again if COVID-19 spikes among students and/or staff.

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