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A Reminder Is Going Viral For Anyone Planning To Hit Patios In Toronto This Weekend

Patience is a virtue.

Photo of downtown Toronto patio
Toronto Associate Editor

The time has almost come for patios to reopen in Ontario, and restaurants around Toronto have been busy booking up their tables this week.

With the excitement of dining at a restaurant again, an important reminder has been circulating on social media for those who plan on hitting up patios this weekend.

"We know you haven't been able to enjoy any type of public dining in over 7 months. Please remember - that means we haven't been able to serve you in 7 months. We haven't been able to cook for you in 7 months," a Facebook post says.

"We may be a little rusty; we are adjusting. Please be kind to your servers, support staff and cooks. We have all had a rough time and we are all just doing our best. We are just as excited to have you as our guest! But patient. And also remember, our wages have been greatly impacted...don't forget to tip ;)."

The province has laid out rules for patio dining as step one of reopening begins this Friday. Only four people are permitted at one table, but some exceptions will be made for larger households. Last call is also returning to 2 a.m. for main-street-facing patios in Toronto, some of which will even be allowed to have live music.

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