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Pearson Airport Has A Warning For Future Travellers Ahead Of Next Week's New Travel Rules

Fully vaxxed Americans and permanent residents can travel to the Great White North starting Monday!

Prepare for take-off — new travel rules are set to take place this coming Monday, August 9, and Toronto Pearson Airport is already asking future travellers to prepare for when they come into effect.

On Thursday, August 5, Pearson advised prospective passengers to "be prepared for a different airport experience" than what they might have been used to before the pandemic. "Delays are possible and longer wait times are to be expected due to increased passenger volume and COVID-19 health measures," the Toronto airport wrote.

Canada is reopening its border to fully vaxxed American citizens and permanent residents this coming Monday. With the probable influx of travel, Pearson says it could take longer to carry out the usual airport routine due to additional health screenings for COVID-19.

Domestic travellers are being advised to come to Pearson at least an hour-and-a-half before their flight takes off, and those travelling internationally will want to show up at least three hours before time.

International passengers arriving at Toronto's airport are being warned to prepare to wait three hours or more to finish the arrivals process due to COVID-19 screening requirements. During peak times, passengers may have to wait in a separate area of the terminal building until there's available space in the customs hall.

Travellers coming in internationally are being asked to submit their travel, contact and quarantine information into the ArriveCAN app or website before touching down to Canada.

On Friday, August 6, Pearson tweeted that the airport's operations may be additionally affected as a result of the strike by CBSA workers taking place, and that travellers should take it into consideration to "account for potential delays."

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